Wisdom Wednesday Vol. I

I have decided to make my hobby a little more interesting. With inspirations from blogs that I follow, I’ve come up with a weekly blog series entitled Wisdom Wednesdays to talk about personal reflections on random stuff. I’d call it Random Wednesday to be more accurate but Wisdom starts with W, just like Wednesday, and I have a strong affinity for tautograms.

So… hello. This is Wisdom Wednesday Volume 1. 

  • I still cannot believe I’m starting my new job as clinical study nurse next week. I’m 100% happy, excited but nervous, a little curious, and a whole lot relieved. And it’s 15 minutes away from my apartment, so convenient it feels like it was created just for me lol. Oh and the best part? I don’t need to wear those baggy scrubs that make me look sexually confused. Seriously, H&M should start its own line of work uniforms. 
  • I was deeply saddened after reading about the lady who played dead to save her life during the recent Bataclan tragedy. And the guy who lost his wife. But how very striking to see, despite all the grief and sorrow, these people remain courageous and optimistic. 
  • I terribly miss reading. If you’ve read my About Me page, you would think of me as someone who read books one after another. I used to be like that. Since I started working, my love for reading has reduced to Instagram posts, Facebook statuses, and tweets. It is ridiculous. 
  • It’s 37 days before Christmas. Yay! I think it’s my favourite holiday on two reasons – one, because of all the soothing Christmas songs (have you heard Christina Perri’s version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas); and two, because of old school Christmas decorations that always remind me of happy memories. 
  • Garance Dore. Oh, the inspiration that I get from her website. I bought her book as well. One word: fabulous.


Five thoughts. Which isn’t bad for a pilot post! It’s my fault; I stayed late at work today to organize my desk before I officially leave on Friday (omg it still hasn’t completely dawned on me). Okay, now this needs to get published pronto.


  1. Congratulations to your new job! It’s really convenient that it’s only 15 minutes away from your apartment. I commute around 1 hr to 1 and a half hour going to our office, plus the hassle of riding MRT. 🙁

    Christmas is my favorite holiday too! I recently have decorated our Christmas tree, still fun even that I’m already 22. 🙂

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