25 Before 25

25 x 25

I am officially 24 years old. God, time runs so fast it terrifies me. Is it weird that sometimes I don’t feel it, as if I am not ready to reach quarter-life yet? When I was younger, I used to yearn for it. This image of a young professional, who can afford anything because she has a job, was my inspiration. Then it happened and I was not entirely giddy afterwards. Please raise your hand if you get excited about bills and bosses, tax and takeout food… Exactly! But it totally makes sense because you definitely don’t wanna be stuck on petty issues (Why can’t I be Miss Popular?!) for the rest of your life, right? Life becomes more challenging and interesting as we go on. And speaking of which, I’ve come up with a challenging and interesting list that I need to fulfill before the year ends. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution (that I don’t always follow), I’ve decided to do a year-long birthday challenge. I’m crossing my toes as I type this. These are all reasonable, doable ideas so I don’t know what makes me if I’m unable to execute them all. Right now, I’m feeling positive about this (Ha!) but let’s see.

  1. Travel to another continent.
  2. Finish ≥ 5 books.
  3. Save at least $$$$$ and open a savings account.
  4. Pass my G2 drive test.
  5. Publish at least 50 blog posts.
  6. See a concert.
  7. Be able to win at chess.
  8. Take a 30-Day Fitness Challenge.
  9. Make new friends.
  10. Go to a festival.
  11. Visit a spa and get a massage.
  12. Travel to another province by train.
  13. Volunteer at a nursing home.
  14. Couple costume on Halloween.
  15. Make a song-length video on a recent trip.
  16. Send long, positive messages to 10 random people.
  17. Make my own signature dish.
  18. No Coke for a month.
  19. Do something that scares me.
  20. Watch sports in person.
  21. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  22. Organize and save all my photos in a flash drive so I don’t have to pay Apple for more space.
  23. Buy something at a farmer’s market.
  24. Try acupuncture.
  25. Attend holy mass at least once a month.


  1. Hi Pia! 🙂 I know it’s crazy when you’re about to reach that 25 year mark but honestly, it will feel the same. But yeah, I’ve always wanted to be grownup when I was younger but now that I’m about to turn 26, I kinda miss my younger days more now. Haha. Adulting is difficult! Anyway, invest on a hard drive and stop paying Apple for storage! 😭 Also, there are formulas to solving a Rubik’s cube so I’m sure that won’t be difficult to achieve! 🙂 I like your idea of getting on a train to visit another province! Go visit the Yukon if you haven’t already! 🙂 Anyway, I hope you get to accomplish these goals before you turn 25! I’m sure you can do it!

    1. Ugh the stresses of growing up and all these never-ending responsibilities! Lol. I will definitely try my best to achieve all these goals. Good luck to us! 🙂 And I just wanted to tell you, I’ve fancied going to Yukon area ever since I became your IG follower. Your photos were so beautiful and perfect! 😍

    1. Hi, Richel! Yup, I actually think that any destination is great as long as we learn something new. 🙂 And thanks, it would be a great accomplishment to be able to do them all! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m not really great at sticking to resolutions and self-set goals that’s why I tried to keep the list simple. 😁 Lol on the coke. It’s irresistible! 😄

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