10 Action-Thrillers I Highly Recommend

Action Thrillers

I signed up for the army.

Hello from myself and my hyperactive imagination.

I know. I’ve been away for a long time, and it’s an uneasy feeling knowing that I don’t have a valid reason for my AWOL. I wish I could say I was out vacationing, crossing things off my Big 25 — and not try to convey that my body decided sloth is my spirit animal this year. Oh the things I could have done instead.

So I watched Eye In The Sky (2015) and got instantaneously fired up to join the military, hence the opening line. Of course, the idea didn’t last long; it’s just my common response to action-thrillers. But it’s one of my closet ambitions, really. I used to snub these movies because I thought they were too loud and brutal, and now they’re my absolute go-to movie genre. Besides eliciting excitement and unearthing scandals and social issues, they’re also about saving lives and that’s really inspiring. Okay, before it gets too cheesy, here are my 10 most loved action-thriller movies, sorted according to year of release (not by preference because I can never).

  1. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  2. Hotel Rwanda (2004)
  3. Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
  4. Argo (2012)
  5. Lone Survivor (2013)
  6. Captain Philips (2013)
  7. The Monuments Men (2014)
  8. Fury (2014)
  9. The Imitation Game (2014)
  10. American Sniper (2014)

Looking forward to seeing this year: 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Free State of Jones, and Jarhead 3 (but not after watching 1 and 2).


  1. I’ve watched 4/10 on the list. I will always recommend Captain Philips, the production and all the acting skills were all too realistic 🙂

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