A Dash of Purple

Of course, it’s in my bucket list. I’m obsessed with flowers and fruits so going to a lavender farm has always been one of my wildest dreams. It was in our plan to go to Sandbanks in Prince Edward and since the lavender farm was on the way, we decided to pay a quick visit. Be warned, it’s not as stunning as those in France or UK, but it’s still a lavender farm so it’s good enough.

We went in early July, when the flowers were in season. There was an entrance fee of $5 which included access to the farm and free taste of some of their products. As you can see from the photo below, it really is a small farm but they do have different varieties of the plant. It was my first time see the white variety; I’ve always thought all lavenders were purple in colour.

They set up a tent where they displayed very interesting lavender recipes. We had samples of lavender lemonade and lavender-flavoured chocolate and cookie. They tasted fine, nothing special to be honest. What I really wanted to try was the lavender ice cream, but I never did because I didn’t want to pay extra. Lol.

We didn’t stay long, maybe 15-20 minutes. We left after a quick peek at their shop, which displays lavender and non-lavender products. They have essential oils, body care products, condiments, and also garments. Overall, I and my sisters were pretty happy with the experience, considering the number of photos that we took in our own phones. I still want to explore more lavender farms in the future, maybe one that spans a much larger area.



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