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  1. My name is Pia.
  2. I am a permanent resident of Canada, born and raised in the Philippines.
  3. I breathe books. I could spend a lifetime inside a library or a bookstore.
  4. I would rather read/write than watch TV.
  5. I started writing at the age of six. My first piece was about friendship and school, which is weird because I was never friendly.
  6. I am an impulsive writer. In fact, I keep several diaries. But I do get occasional writer’s block.
  7. Despite spending hours on my laptop, I cannot touch-type.
  8. Back in high school, boys used to bully me because they thought I was a man-hater.
  9. I am not a man-hater.
  10. I crave for seafood, cakes, and my boyfriend’s torso.
  11. My friends think I am a picky eater just because I do not eat street food.
  12. I am not a big fan of eating but I like to eat out. There’s this patriotic restaurant in my country that serves the best butter-sautéed prawns.
  13. Top three things I don’t want on my plate: cilantro, fresh seaweed, and wasabi.
  14. I drink only when my mood permits me. Now this is advantageous because I am hideous when I get drunk.
  15. You know I am drunk when I can’t stop laughing and blabbering. Oh and the first time I got drunk, I nearly slept in the bathroom.
  16. I find it very hard to scrimp and save, which is sad because…
  17. I am shopaholic.
  18. I decided to take up Nursing mainly because I am a very obedient daughter. Also, my parents hardly believe in the success stories of JK Rowling, Dan Brown, Julie Powell, et al.
  19. Psych ward is my favorite area in the hospital because it has a lot to do with communication and interpersonal relationships.
  20. I always find guys who have deep, manly voices sexy.
  21. I am in love with someone who acts like he’s my first line of defense and treats me like I’m Ducesa Kate.
  22. I would love to marry Mr. 21 someday.
  23. I really think skinny jeans on guys are wrong.
  24. I am easily impressed by polymaths, which is why I am Robert Langdon’s number 1 fan.
  25. Sometimes, I cross that line between friendly and flirty.
  26. I get delighted when I see shooting stars. And yes, I still wish.
  27. I tend to eat my words.
  28. I enjoy the rain only when I am at home.
  29. I am astraphobic (that is, lightning and thunderstorms frighten me).
  30. Blood does not scare me. But Emily Rose does.
  31. I can’t stand KPop and Justin Bieber.
  32. I love listening to Bruno Mars, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, and Jon Schmidt.
  33. I play music while I am in the shower.
  34. I have an awful relationship with sports. If not for the school requirement, I wouldn’t have enrolled myself in four ghastly PE classes.
  35. Denial is my favorite defense mechanism.
  36. When it comes to feelings, I can be very, very dishonest. I am one of the many complicated girls who say they are okay but do not really mean it.
  37. I can be very emotional. And sometimes, I cry for no reason. I am not a crybaby. Let’s just say my lacrimal glands are so hyperactive sometimes.
  38. I find it hard to move on. Things can linger in my head and bother me for years.
  39. I tremendously despise temper tantrums.
  40. I am a give-and-take type of person.
  41. I am fascinated to movies, novels, and songs that have unique endings. Happy endings are so passé.
  42. A witty write-up seduces me. Whenever I read one I feel like I am having sex with the writer, mentally.
  43. I have this weird feeling that I’ll die young.
  44. I am very particular on hygiene.
  45. I am an introvert.
  46. I love traveling. And it’s just sad that I can’t drive.
  47. Before I die, I’d like to travel like Liz Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love and visit places. And then maybe live there for months.
  48. I seldom say hi first. It’s hard work on my part.
  49. I’m not a fan of sharing posts on Facebook. Twitter is my only blowhole.
  50. I was never a cut-class type of student until Medical-Surgical Nursing interrupted my bedtime.
  51. I often use metaphors and satires when speaking/writing.
  52. I hate cockroaches. I hate everything about them. They are the most disgusting creatures on Earth.
  53. People tell me I am childish. And I am trying my best to eradicate this on my list.
  54. I suck at Physics and Chemistry. And I mean ‘suck’ in its vilest description.
  55. I am interested in anything vintage.
  56. Most of the time, I deviate from the norm.
  57. I am intensely pessimistic. I often tell myself that I am not good at anything and that I do not deserve anyone.
  58. I often get outburst of happiness. So if I stop one moment and laugh for no apparent reason, don’t get scared. It’s just a weird habit.
  59. I like people who have the guts to tell me the truth.
  60. I have always hated gardening.
  61. I love my parents more than they will ever know.
  62. Unlike many female readers, I do not have a thing for Harry Potter.
  63. I used to bite my fingernails and juggle pillows using my feet.
  64. I find it hard to confide everything to anyone.
  65. I always aim for perfection, but always make sure to have the least expectation.
  66. I have seen and read a fair amount of porn, in various websites, kinds and formats. To which I can say: this industry is absolutely overrated.
  67. I keep my things organized.
  68. I am easily distracted by little details e.g. tiny noises in the train while I am studying or missing punctuation marks in text messages.
  69. I love Jane Austen. But I find it exhausting to read her works. And it is disappointing that I never finished reading Pride and Prejudice and never intend to start reading Emma.
  70. I am capable of becoming really mean in an intolerable, uncontrollable way.
  71. Favorite GA surgeon: Shepherd. Favorite GA couple: Hunt and Yang. Favorite GA bod: McSteamy’s
  72. My profile is quite hypocritical because I currently have a huge pile of unread books and I don’t know when I’d have the time to read them.
  73. My parents and I do not talk about my social life. Thank God.
  74. My favorite season is summer.
  75. I know I can be romantic if I want to.
  76. I have an intermittent obsession with the number three.
  77. I do not go to mass regularly. But I do pray a lot.
  78. I would love to listen to an elaborate discussion on the Hindu theories of reincarnation and karma.
  79. I cannot function properly without my phone, my laptop, and a good book. And coffee.
  80. I am a coffee person. In fact, I want to marry a barista.
  81. The first time I got on a plane I was ecstatic. And sneaky for taking pictures.
  82. I do not know much about politics. When someone starts talking about Marcos or the Watergate scandal, I shut off.
  83. I would like to volunteer in an orphanage.
  84. I deleted all my prom photos for no sane reason. This made my mom very upset. We did not talk for a week or two.
  85. I’m at my best during nighttime.
  86. When I am unhappy, I do any of the three: (a) write about it; (b) sleep; (c) get a new hairdo.
  87. I have no idea what my blood type is.
  88. I am moody. Whenever I get snappish, please ignore me. It’s just a tiny phase I have to deal with.
  89. My idea of a perfect weekend consists of a long, casual conversation while having GA marathon and cream puffs.
  90. The story of Dave Pelzer broke my heart. I literally cried on every page. You see, I have this huge sympathy for abused children.
  91. The most sensitive parts of my body are my nape and my tummy.
  92. Each time I hear Stephen Bishop’s It Might Be You, I can’t stop smiling.
  93. I am a poor judge of character.
  94. I have this nasty habit of pushing people away.
  95. I took down notes in different ink colors because of two reasons: (1) I found it easier to study when my writing is color-coded, and (2) when I got really bored in class, I  color-doodled.
  96. Before going on with the next number, you should know up front I am not a lesbian. I like the fact that I am a girl.
  97. When I was younger, I used to play a game that involved kissing girls. I don’t remember how it felt but I do know I was not disgusted.
  98. I have nothing against the LGBT community. In fact, I have several friends who belong and I think they are smart and capable and don’t deserve to be misjudged.
  99. I think the best job is the one that makes you want to get out of bed on a lazy Monday morning and say “Hey, I am doing something awesome today.”
  100. I was once an editor in chief. And I don’t want to be a hypocrite so I will admit I like to be read. I like to be recognized. But most of all, I like to write.



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