10 Action-Thrillers I Highly Recommend

Action Thrillers

I signed up for the army.

Hello from myself and my hyperactive imagination.

I know. I’ve been away for a long time, and it’s an uneasy feeling knowing that I don’t have a valid reason for my AWOL. I wish I could say I was out vacationing, crossing things off my Big 25 — and not try to convey that my body decided sloth is my spirit animal this year. Oh the things I could have done instead.

So I watched Eye In The Sky (2015) and got instantaneously fired up to join the military, hence the opening line. Of course, the idea didn’t last long; it’s just my common response to action-thrillers. But it’s one of my closet ambitions, really. I used to snub these movies because I thought they were too loud and brutal, and now they’re my absolute go-to movie genre. Read More

Things That Cheer Me Up


  1. Chapters. I do have this really bad bookstore habit in which every bookstore I visit I have this inexplicable urge to want to buy something. Like some time last year, I found the perfect planner (which is absurd because I don’t really use planners) and the perfect pink pen (I love pen-shopping) that goes with it. I wish I had a photo of them handy. And I also bought a colouring book for adults, which I now find a little too intricately detailed. 
  2. Korean Grill. I am a sucker for anything smoked (except the stuff that could put me to jail). Seriously. I can eat pork barbecue, smoked salmon, steak or grilled vegetables for the rest of my life and you won’t hear me complain. 
  3. Milk Tea. Wintermelon black tea with grass jelly, please. My interest in milk tea started when I was in university, and briskly formed into a regular routine around that time when school stress was at its peak. I remember how attached I was especially on those days that made me feel like a zombie because I had no sleep.  One sip was ahh, heaven. 
  4. Downtown. Maybe it’s the thought of wandering around, stumbling upon interesting things that excites me. I’ve been to downtown Toronto a couple of times already and it’s always fun. Cheap too.
  5. Fruit-picking. Cherries are my favorite to pick. I’ve never tried oranges or peaches, but I’ve seen pictures of orchards with those fruits and they look really nice.

25 Before 25

25 x 25

I am officially 24 years old. God, time runs so fast it terrifies me. Is it weird that sometimes I don’t feel it, as if I am not ready to reach quarter-life yet? When I was younger, I used to yearn for it. This image of a young professional, who can afford anything because she has a job, was my inspiration. Then it happened and I was not entirely giddy afterwards. Please raise your hand if you get excited about bills and bosses, tax and takeout food… Exactly! But it totally makes sense because you definitely don’t wanna be stuck on petty issues (Why can’t I be Miss Popular?!) for the rest of your life, right? Life becomes more challenging and interesting as we go on. And speaking of which, I’ve come up with a challenging and interesting list that I need to fulfill before the year ends. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution (that I don’t always follow), I’ve decided to do a year-long birthday challenge. I’m crossing my toes as I type this. These are all reasonable, doable ideas so I don’t know what makes me if I’m unable to execute them all. Right now, I’m feeling positive about this (Ha!) but let’s see.Read More